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Sunkissed Stories

Summer stories and African adventures

I remember, at a young age, sunbathing close to my mother by our swimming pool. We were looking at my leg, at the fresh appearance of little brown freckles visible against my tanned skin. My Mom explained, “that’s where the sun kissed you”.

I loved that. I felt blessed.

In my family, I was the first-born and called “the lucky one” ever since I won that heavy, long torch at the sports club raffle.
I’ve been lucky, I’ve been blessed, and I’ve been tested and challenged too. These are some of my stories and adventures.

Latest Stories

How It Feels to be Alone

Is it possible to feel so alone? Not lonely. Just alone. I live on a planet of billions of people. The thought of so many people co-existing on this...
Cable Car at Table Mountain

What Do You Think Happens To You When You Die?

I scurried down the flights of concrete steps. Pieter had arrived on his bike. Didn't want to miss a moment of being with him. He lived close to...
Beautiful flower

Alice Left Us Yesterday

I loved young Alice. Always thought naming her "Joy" would have captured the brightness and lightness she introduced to her family in mourning....